Why Am I here?

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Imagine you wake up in a huge factory that you’ve never been in before. You see thousands of people working away, and all the doors and windows are sealed off. People work, sleep and spend all their time inside this factory. In this situation, what would you think to yourself? Read more…[/two_third_last]

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To the average man death is by no means a pleasant subject or topic for discussion. It is something dismal and oppressive. The average man, immersed as he is in the self, ever seeking after the pleasurable, ever pursuing that which excites and gratifies the senses, refuses to pause and ponder seriously that these very objects of pleasure and gratification will some day reach their end. Read more…[/two_third_last]

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Isn’t it irritating when we are relaxing at home, and suddenly a car alarm starts going off? Or when we can hear a tap dripping? How about when there is a fly buzzing near our ear? Or when we are on a long flight and can hear babies constantly crying? Read more… [/two_third_last]